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Currently I'm learning android development and I am struggling where should I put my data. Since this is just a test. data will not be stored in a webserver

for now I have created an app that accepts text input from the user. The Inputted data by the user is being processed and get compared to a list of data with specific response.

For Example

The user Inputs Hello. The inputted data will be compare to a list of data and if equal it will get the the specific response

data: hi                 response: hello
data: hello              response: hi
data: what's your name   response: I'm Ivy
data: how are you        response: I'm fine
data: Who are you        response: I'm your phone

and many more...

since the user input is hello then the response that I will get is hi.

Now. Where should I put the list of data? I am new to sqlite and still learning about it. Should I create a table on Sqlite and insert all the data? Correct me if I'm wrong. What if I have a thousand of data running a thousand sql query may cause a problem when?

Should I do something like?

  myDB = this.openOrCreateDatabase("DatabaseName", MODE_PRIVATE, null);

       /* Create a Table in the Database. */
         + TableName
         + " (Field1 VARCHAR, Field2 INT(3));");

       /* Insert data to a Table*/
       myDB.execSQL("INSERT INTO "
         + TableName
         + " (Field1, Field2)"
         + " VALUES ('Saranga', 22);");

Also I'm using levenshtein to compare string.

How does the sqlite cycle works? does the database get created when the app is run or when the app was installed?

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it basically depends on app and business requirement, Among many methods some are listed below for your learning and as being beginner as well

1- File based persistence in Android

2- Android SQLlite and Content Providers

Conventionally, Your data storage options are the following:

Shared Preferences

Store private primitive data in key-value pairs.

Internal Storage

Store private data on the device memory.

External Storage

Store public data on the shared external storage.

SQLite Databases

Store structured data in a private database.

Network Connection

Store data on the web with your own network server.

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