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I'd like to use this rule in Nginx config file :

location @rewriteapp {
    # rewrite all to app.php
    rewrite ^(.*)$ /app.php/$1 last;

(this rule is used for Symfony framework). I used puphpet site to generate vagrant files and I modified default.pp to change the configuration of Nginx Vhost I add something like that to create this rewrite rule :

nginx::resource::location { "${server_name}-rewrite":
    location        => '@rewriteapp',
    www_root        => $www_root,
    proxy           => undef,
    rewrite         => '^(.*)$ /app.php/$1 last;'

But I get the following error : Invalid parameter rewrite at /tmp/vagrant-puppet-1/manifests/default.pp:267 on node packer-virtualbox.vagrantup.com

Is there a way to add rewrite rule to Nginx vhost config with Puppet ?

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The problem is that rewrite is not a valid option in the nginx puppet module.

You need to use either location_cfg_append or location_custom_cfg

I dont have puppet setup at the moment to test but I think the syntax you need will be something like this:

nginx::resource::location { "${server_name}-rewrite":
    location            => '@rewriteapp',
    www_root            => $www_root,
    proxy               => undef,
    location_cfg_append => {
        'rewrite' => '^(.*)$ /app.php/$1 last;'
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I can't figure out how to generate a correct config file for Symfony, because Puppet add paramters automatically, which I don't want (like index, for example). The solution I found is to add a post-install script that copy Nginx conf file and restart Nginx. It works fine and is much simpler for me. –  ip512 Mar 18 at 7:14

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