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In such a network we assume distance vector routing algorithm used. If the link goes down from A to B, A will change its distance vector B and will advertise its neighbor C about that. The question is that since A uses node B to reach D, will A change its distance vector to D?

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Yes. If A lost the link to B, A will set all the paths via B by infinity, and wait to recalculate the shortest paths by receiving new broadcast.

In your case, after A lost the link to B, it will set the distance vector (via B to B) and (via B to D) by infinty, and broadcast this to C. After C broadcasts it has (via D to D) = 4 and (via B to B) = 6 to A, A will recalculate and get the new shortest paths (via C to D) = 6 and (via C to B) = 8.

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