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I want to compare two characters. Something like this:

if ('a' > 'b') 

However, the above code is comparing two strings.

How do I do this in Dart?

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Dart doesn't have a 'char' or 'character' type. You can get the UTF-16 character code from any point in a string, and compare that.

Use codeUnitAt to get the actual character code from a string.

if ('a'.codeUnitAt(0) > 'b'.codeUnitAt(0))

See the codeUnitAt docs: https://api.dartlang.org/docs/channels/stable/latest/dart_core/String.html#codeUnitAt

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Ideally there should be a String comparison method in the intl package. So it can handle other languages with umlauts, accents, etc. –  Greg Lowe Dec 23 '13 at 3:48

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