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I am using Jenkins with Throttle Concurrent Builds plugin to ensure exclusive access to USB device in test jobs. I use parametrized jobs, with a parameter named MODE. For some MODE values the test uses USB device and for the other MODE values the test does not use the USB device. I am writing a Groovy script for running the tests. Is it possible to assign "Multi-Project Throttle Category" in a script, so that I could assign it based on the value of my MODE parameter? Thanks

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I found this working

tjp = myjob.getProperty(hudson.plugins.throttleconcurrents.ThrottleJobProperty)

// see what we got

if(tjp != null) {

println("--- Throttle concurrents for " + myjob.name + " ---")
    println "Got this: " + tjp.categories + " items " + tjp.categories.size

  catch(Exception e) {


// change the first one

tjp.categories[0] = "myCategory"

// update job properties


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Does this modify the job configuration, or the build property? Does it take effect before the Throttle Concurrent Builds plugin blocks its execution? Or does it modify the job externally and then trigger a build of it? I'd like to have a parameterized job where the parameter is essentially the multi-project throttle category, where I can run multiple jobs with the same and different parameters, as well as the same job with different parameters, and each category would block appropriately (similar to your use case: different devices by USB connections) –  Joe Apr 9 at 15:35

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