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I would like a setting in preferences that allows the user to create a password. The perfect example is in the Play Store. In settings you click on Password and a dialog box pops up with an EditText field with a password field that hides the characters. How would you do that?

I'm pretty sure this is not EditTextPreference. Is this a custom preference? How would you make this? Can I get a sample for the XML part of it?

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I'm pretty sure this is not EditText preference

EditTextPreference would work. Quoting the documentation:

This EditText can be modified either programmatically via getEditText(), or through XML by setting any EditText attributes on the EditTextPreference.

So adding android:password="true" as part of your preference XML should work.

That being said, you are certainly welcome to create your own custom DialogPreference for this.

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Oh nice. Simpler than imagined. I looked for the password option in the XML preference, and Eclipse didn't show it as an option. Didn't actually try though. – KickingLettuce Dec 22 '13 at 22:30
@KickingLettuce: Yeah, I don't think the preference editor is that sophisticated, particularly since (AFAIK) this is the only preference that exhibits this sort of "inherit attributes from a widget" behavior. – CommonsWare Dec 22 '13 at 22:32

Using intents

In some cases, you might want a preference item to open a different activity instead of a settings screen, such as a web browser to view a web page. To invoke an Intent when the user selects a preference item

it's available at android guide, check this link

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