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I've googled for the answer and read many forums and stackoverflow threads but I still can't get it to work.

I just started trying to develop my first Android app, and after following the instructions listed on the website, when I started the project, it opened with two tabs, one showing a java file, and the other showing an xml file. The tab with the xml file also had this simulation of an android phone on it where I could play around with the GUI.

When I stopped working on it, I closed all the tabs and closed eclipse, but now I want to work on it again and I don't know how to get it back to the setup showing the java and the xml file with the little simulation. I don't even know where the activity_main.xml is located.

I don't want to create a brand new project.

I tried importing a project, but the finish button is always grayed out or it wont let me import because it says that a project already exists in the workspace, or after I click on the folder containing all the bin, res, src, etc. files, and I click OK to import it, nothing happens.

Is it possible to just click on a single file, like the .sln file in visual studio, that will automatically launch eclipse with your project ready to go?

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What operating system are you using? – Justin Dec 23 '13 at 1:32
windows 8.1 running classicshell – gallardoelise Dec 23 '13 at 1:35

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The activity_main.xml is located in your_project/res/layout. Just open Eclipse and navigate to this directory in Package Explorer window:

Package Explorer When you double click the activity_main.xml you should see the XML and Graphical Layout tabs at the bottom.

Here is a description of android project structure:

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  1. Make sure you uncheck the copy attribute when you import the project, this solve the project is already exit problem, and you can try both Existing Project Into Workspace and Existing Android Code Into Workspace.
  2. The layout file lay in project_name/res/layout.
  3. Source file lay in project_name/src.

You can double click to open your files, and your files remain open the next time you open eclipse, only if you don't close them when you exit the eclipse.

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There are a few ways to reopen your project again:

  1. Try to open the project explorer: -> Window -> View -> Project Explorer -> Hit refresh
  2. Open your .project file (in your workspace) an edit the name in the xml name tag and try do import again.

Please make a backup before.

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