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I am trying to use the pattern property in HTML5 to do Client validation.

However, I find I have to repeate the pattern="\w{2,}" repetitively.

Consider the code below which is part of dart polymer.

<input id='cityTxt'

Is there some mechanism where I could extract the \w{2,}" from the markup and replace it with a variable that I could now use to represent the pattern. This way if I make changes to the pattern it would be only done in a single place rather in multiple places.


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If this markup is inside an polymer <template> tag, you can use a polymer expression to bind the pattern value to a field of the template model.

<input id='cityTxt'

You model provides the field like

@observable String aPattern = r"\w{2,}";
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Thanks Gunter. It is acceptable. –  st_clair_clarke Dec 23 '13 at 16:05

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