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I have a XML file containing Employees Name and the Job done by them. The structure of the XML file is -


There are thousands of records and I have to change structure to -


How to get this done using XQuery in BaseX ?

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3 XQuery functions, substring-before, substring-after and tokenize are used to get the required output.

substring-before is used to get the Name.

Similarly, the substring-after is used to get the Job portion.

Then the tokenize function, is used to split the Jobs.

let $data :=

for $x in $data/Employee

   for $tag in tokenize(substring-after($x,"@"),'#')


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Thank you very much :) – user1388575 Dec 23 '13 at 7:01

Tokenizing the string is probably easier and faster. tokenize($string, $pattern) splits $string using the regular expression $pattern, head($seq) returns the first value of a sequence and tail($seq) all but the first. You could also use positional predicates of course, but these functions are easier to read.

for $employee in //Employee
let $tokens := tokenize($employee, '[@#]')
return element Employee {
  element Name { head($tokens) },
  element Jobs {
    for $job in tail($tokens)
    return element Job { $job }
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