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Will silverlight 4 have real 3d support? Like, porting wpf3d classes to silverlight. it would be great if they do so. I think it could bring major improvement on this technology.. look at flash3d, java3d, papervision, googleo3d.

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No, Sliverlight 4 will still only support perspective 3D. However, it's possible that papervision could be ported to Silverlight, since Flash also only supports perspective 3D.

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There are currently no announced plans for SL4 to have real 3D support to rival WPF's. But you're right, it would be really great if it was to have 3D - this would be a real game changer for Silverlight.

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No it won't have Real 3D support. Take a look at this question.

Perhaps Balder may help provide what you need.

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Silverlight 5 will have 3D support. They haven't really talked about the API - although it is said to be more like XNA than the 3D support in WPF. Have a look at the full feature list here:


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