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I am following the Spree deface overrides developer guide:

My code matches their's exactly, but I keep getting this error. I looked all around but I didn't see anyone else having this problem or anything similar at all:

undefined method `content_tag' for Spree:Module

I am running Rails 4.0.2 and ruby 1.9.3 (it's possible that the tutorial wasn't updated for rails 4?)

here's my code:

app/overrides/add_sale_price_to_product_edit.rb => 'spree/admin/products/_form',
  :name => 'add_sale_price_to_product_edit',
  :insert_after => "erb[loud]:contains('text_field :price')",
  :text => "
    <%= f.field_container :sale_price do %>
      <%= f.label :sale_price, raw(Spree.t(:sale_price)) %><span>*</span>
      <%= f.text_field :sale_price, :value =>
        number_to_currency(@product.sale_price, :unit => '') %>
      <%= f.error_message_on :sale_price %>
    <% end %>


module Spree
  Product.class_eval do
    delegate_belongs_to :master, :sale_price
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You're getting the error because the translation for Spree.t(:sale_price) is not specified. This is failing because Rails 4.0.2 made some changes to the I18n API . You have a few choices.

  1. Add a translation for the missing tag and remember that this content_tag issue is caused by this crazy bug.
  2. Downgrade to Rails 4.0.0 (not recommended)
  3. Upgrade spree to the 2-1-stable branch (or wait until 2.1.4 is released)
  4. Apply this change to your local Spree installation. It should correct this issue.

Any of those should get you working again.

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Thanks alot! #4 worked perfectly for me. – Steve Q Dec 24 '13 at 0:42

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