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In a table there are 2 rows with one common id and different values.

Ex :

ID Response
1  one
1  two
2  three
3  four

How can I concat these two rows into one column.

      when multiple then row1 + ',' + row2 
      else Response 
   end as response
from testtable 

Expected output:


SQL experts: how could I replace row1 + ',' + row2 to make this query work ??

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Select Id, Stuff((Select ','+Response from TableName B where B.Id=A.Id for Xml Path('')),1,1,'') as Response from TableName A
group By Id;

Sql Fiddle Demo

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You could improve this answer by using value method: (... FOR XML...).value('.', '[N]VARCHAR(MAX)'). SQL Fiddle – Bogdan Sahlean Dec 23 '13 at 8:11
Declare @t table(id int,col1 varchar(20))
insert into @t values(1,'one'),(1, 'two'),(2, 'three'),(3, 'four')
select distinct,
stuff((select ','+col1 from @t b where for xml path('')),1,1,'')col1
from @t a
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