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I would like to make an app which provides HD video chat Functionlaity. Here are the following requirements:

  1. 30fps video framerate
  2. 720p video playback
  3. Audio is bidirectional
  4. but video is unidirectional. (Only one person will send video at a time)

I have no experience with video chat so i don't know where to start from. Please guide me if there are any libraries or sdk that i can use to implement this. I have searched and found a few sdks but i dont know which is better and which one supports Realtime HD video transmission.

  1. AddLive
  2. Layer
  3. Opentok

If above mentioned things are not going to meet my expectation then please guide me how can i achieve this using Sockets, video streaming , Android media library etc .

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QuickBlox api supports HD Video calling as stated on there homepage here.

The android code sample is here although I would expect any api that supports video calling to also work with HD since that is just a hardware requirement.

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