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I have written a POE TCP SERVER that receives data 'packets' continuously from a CLIENT (a sender). Received packet data is written into log files. Here, one packet constitutes one log file so that the number of files increases with the number of packets received. There is a seperate CLIENT (a receiver) that can connect to the server. Here, the server reads the log files one at a time and streams (sends) to to the receiver client. If all the existing files have been sent to the receiver, my server has to wait for new logfiles to be sent from the sender client. For that I used sleep statement:

sleep (1);

In this sleep period server is not receiving packets from the sender client, so no new files appear in the directory. It is also not accepting new client connections. I tried to correct this with the below statements individually:

$kernel->delay(eventName =>1);
$kernel->alarm(eventName => time() + 1, 0 );

I am getting an error saying "Can't call method delay/alarm on an undefined value". What is causing this issue?

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Probably $kernel is undefined? Where does it come from? –  Michal Szyndel Dec 28 '13 at 13:10

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