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I am creating an Excel spreadsheet in C#. I like to have the header (first) row pinned in place when the user scrolls the rows. How can I do this in C# (or VB.NET)?

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I know that this not a fully detailed answer, but it should help you in the right direction. When I previously did a lot of Perl and later Ruby automation of Excel and wanted to know how to achieve this and that I usually recorded a macro and inspected its code to see how VBA interacted with the objects. I also did so for your task and this is what I got:

Sub Makro1()
' Makro1 Makro

    ActiveWindow.SplitRow = 1.1
    With ActiveWindow
        .SplitColumn = 0
        .SplitRow = 1
    End With
    ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = True
End Sub

I will leave it to somebody else to translate into C#, but it should be a walk in the park.

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That looks easier than I expected it to be. –  RedFilter Jan 15 '10 at 19:24
That's a simple, but neat trick. Nice answer :) –  Scott Anderson Jan 15 '10 at 19:26
This worked. Thanks. –  Tony_Henrich Jan 15 '10 at 19:53

This should do it in C#.

Private freezePain ()
    ...initialize objects

    ExcelObject.ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = false;
    ExcelObject.ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = true;
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For some reason more rows and fewer columns are frozen even though I have my range correct. –  Tony_Henrich Jan 15 '10 at 19:52

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