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Given a json array and a transformation to be used on each element - How can I apply the transformation to all elements while collecting the validation errors?

scenario("pick attributes") {

  Given("a json array and a transformation to be used on each element")
  val jsonArray = Json.arr(
    Json.obj("a" -> Json.obj("b" -> 1), "b" -> 2),
    Json.obj("a" -> 2, "b" -> 4),
    Json.obj("a" -> 3, "b" -> 6)
  val elementTrans = (__ \ "b").json.update(__.read[Int] map { n => JsArray(Seq(JsNumber(n), JsNumber(n*2)))})

  When("we do this (read a seq, map its elements to their transformed values, turn it into json again)")
  //I lose the errors this way - what's a way to transform the whole thing and collect all errors?
  val read = __.read[Seq[JsValue]] map { value =>
      value.map { e =>
        info("e: " + e)

  Then("the transformation took place on every single element")
    invalid = seq => fail(errorSequenceToString("invalid: ", seq)),
    valid = a => info("valid: " + Json.stringify(a))
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You can map and then use partition to split the results in two categories: those which failed and those that didn't.

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... which still doesn't result in the usual Seq with paths and validation errors, because I "kill" that information with the e.transform(elementTrans).get, right? –  user2739920 Dec 27 '13 at 8:41

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