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In my source file I have a couple notes that I want clearly printed on my screen. For this I use:

    #pragma message "****************************"
    #pragma message "*"
    #pragma message "* Setting fuses for ATtiny45"
    #pragma message "*"
    #pragma message "****************************"

But is there a smarter/shorter way to make a message stand out from the other compiler message, one that doesn't require 5 lines of code repeated for every message?

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#pragma message "OMFG LOOK AT THIS MESSAGE! LOOK AT ITTTTTTTTT!!!! >>> Setting fuses for ATtiny45". Seriously, any answer you get will be an opinion. –  Rotem Dec 23 '13 at 11:09

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How about this:

#define MSG(X) "\n****************************\n*\n* " X "\n*\n****************************\n"
#pragma message MSG("Setting fuses for ATtiny45")
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