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Is there any maven dependency for DHTMLX javaCalendar and/or DHTMLX JavaPlanner?


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There are 2 cases that you need to issue Maven’s command to include a jar into the Maven local repository manually.

1.The jar you want to use doesn’t exist in the Maven center repository.
2.You created a custom jar, and need to use for another Maven project.

Please Check the link. mkyong http://www.mkyong.com/maven/how-to-include-library-manully-into-maven-local-repository/

Thanks mkyong.

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In Netbeans:

1.Add maven dependency in you pom file.


2.Clean Build your project

3.You will see warning sign in your javaplanner1.5 in your maven dependencies list.

4.Right Click and select 'Manually Install Artifact' and select the downloaded jar file.

5.Select 'install locally' and you are done.

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