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Following Jordans response to my previous "BQ table decorators" question (BigQuery table decorators ranges), we tried to use @0 table decorator.

It seems as something doesn't work as expected... (I re-wrote my query on wikipedia sample data)

SELECT title FROM [publicdata:samples.wikipedia@1387809421420000-1387809421420159]

runs OK (no results, but its expected)

SELECT title FROM [publicdata:samples.wikipedia@0]

returns entire table (not just past 7 days)

SELECT title FROM [publicdata:samples.wikipedia@0-1387809421420159]

Fails ... Any idea? Is it a bug or something we did wrong? Many thanks

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thanks, investigating... –  Felipe Hoffa Jan 3 at 1:56

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SELECT title FROM [publicdata:samples.wikipedia@0] should return the entire table. @0 means something like "show me how the table looked 7 days ago" (with 7 days being the oldest available snapshot.

Followoing the same logic, SELECT title FROM [publicdata:samples.wikipedia@0-1387809421420159] should show you the changes since that date until MSEC_TO_TIMESTAMP(1387809421420159), but that behavior (when starting at 0) is not currently supported.

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