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I have a string that must be truncated at 200 characters if it is too long.

Checking the cheatsheet, (subs "Lorem Ipsum" 0 200) would seem to be an obvious choice, but it throws an exception if the second operator is greater than the length of the string.

Is there a simple, built-in function for truncating a string in Clojure? What's the simplest way to do this if I have to define my own?

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I'd check to see if the length of the string is greater than 200. If it is then substring to 200 characters otherwise don't substring at all. – Zachary Carter Dec 23 '13 at 16:19
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You can check the length beforehand or use min to determine the actual number of characters that will remain:

(defn trunc
  [s n]
  (subs s 0 (min (count s) n)))
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this is good, especially since strings are a counted type in the jvm, so count is a O(1) operation. – noisesmith Dec 23 '13 at 20:53

You can treat them as sequences and get safety (and elegance?) but the cost is performance:

(defn truncate
  [s n]
  (apply str (take n s)))
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