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I'm uploading a file using curl:

 curl -X POST --data-binary @/home/me/my_file.jpb localhost:9001/upload

And here is how to store it:

def upload = Action(parse.temporaryFile) {
    request =>

      val f = new File("tmp/someName") // how do I get the name of the file being uploaded?
      request.body.moveTo(f, true)
      Ok("File uploaded\n")

Note that files can be in any format. I want to get the name of the actually uploaded file. I tried request.body.file.getName but it returns gibberish.

How do I do that?

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If all else fails, sniff the wire (port 9001). I'm pretty sure @Vidya is right and that "my_file.jpb" will not appear anywhere in the transmitted data. – Rob Starling Dec 24 '13 at 0:06
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I am fairly certain you cannot get the file name from the binary stream you are uploading via curl. You need to explicitly provide the file name separately.

The options I can think of are these:

  • If your Content-Type header is instead multipart/form-data, then the process is quite simple as described here
  • Upload JSON with a String for the file name and a binary portion for the file.
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