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I'm working with a implementation and want to extend it by adding a separate . The webflow will be used to manage user specific data that is hosted in a separate web-service. This webflow will be restricted such that a user must first be authenticated in order to access it.

I've added a new flow to cas-servlet.xml as follows:

<webflow:flow-registry id="flowRegistry" flow-builder-services="builder">
    <webflow:flow-location id="profile" path="/WEB-INF/profile-webflow.xml" />

The first state in my profile-webflow.xml is a view to a page that should display the users username ...

<view-state id="accessView" view="profileAccessView" />

The profileAccessView refers to profileAccessView.jsp which I want to display the username of the CAS authenticated user.


Is there a way to display the logged in users username here?

I've tried accessing and binding the user info via , but I get a null result, i.e. ...

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In the CAS server, users are not authenticated by Spring Security. This question has been asked several times on the CAS mailing lists, I advice you to seek through them, like this one : https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/jasig-cas-dev/username/jasig-cas-dev/-vMzR51b5S0/wbjpdMItHLMJ.

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