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I need to convert this code to Delphi, and I do not know how to:

    for (ch=1;ch<n+1;ch++){
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The keys to understanding this are the following:

  1. How to translate a C for loop into Delphi.
  2. What the C operator ^ is. It is bitwise xor.

In Delphi the code would probably look like this:

function CalcChecksum(const buff: array of Byte): Byte;
  ETX = ...; // you'll need to obtain your value from the C source code
  i: Integer;
  Result := 0;
  for i := low(buff) to high(buff) do
    Result := Result xor buff[i];
  Result := Result xor ETX;

The C code uses 1-based arrays which is, well, odd to say the least. In Delphi I would imagine an open array parameter would make most sense.

I rather imagine that the C code operates on an array of unsigned char, judging by the variable names. However, you really ought to make sure you understand the data types involved in case my guesswork is awry.

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