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For iterate with foreach loop and get dates over the files I need to have as input char [], but not string.

I wrote next code:

auto files = dirEntries ("E:\\ddd", SpanMode.shallow);

foreach (file; files)
    char [] s = to!char[](file); //it's crap... and do not work...


I use next method http://dlang.org/phobos/std_file.html#.getTimes it's need as input char []: (in char[] name)

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To get a mutable copy of immutable array you may use .dup:

char[] s = file.dup;

However in your case you don't need to do any conversion. getTimes accepts in char[] which is shortcut for scope const char[]. It it perfectly legal to pass immutable arrays as const arguments so it should "just work".

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thanks, that's work! But now I am getting error on this code: codeo.me/3nP Error: recursive opCmp expansion –  Suliman Dec 23 '13 at 20:14

Your conversion line should look like:

... = to!(char[])(file.name);

This is because the shorthand template instantiation isn't valid for multiple tokens.

Second, there should be no need to convert to char[], as you said getTimes takes an "in char[]" which means it will not modify the string which means the immutable(char)[] can be passed without conversion.

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You can also use :

const char[] s = cast(char[]) file;
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You don't need cast for that (const can reference immutable). And please don't recommend to use qualifier casts in user code - it is an advanced tool that may completely break type system, should only be used by those who really know what they are doing. –  Михаил Страшун Dec 23 '13 at 19:19

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