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I'm receiving object from a BackEnd that looks like this :

{name : String,
 author : String,
 updater : String,
 media : String,

But sometimes media is equal to somethings else, but i can't change the service but i would like to leave it alone.

 -media :[{type:String,

If this type is not a string , as showed, just put null instead.

I'm using Gson to decode my json string.

Edit : Part of my class :

private String id;
private String nom;
private String nom_en;
private String adresse;
private String adresse2;
private String cp;
private String ville;
private String pays;
private String coordonnees_x;
private String coordonnees_y;
private String contactName;
private String email;
private String telephone_1;
private String telephone_2;
private String fax;
private String website;
private String date_ajout;
private String ArticleRefId;
private String media;
private int type;
private List<AdresseCategorie> categories;
private String ArticleTitle;
private ArticleObject article;
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post the code of your class you are deserializing this into – gaurav5430 Dec 23 '13 at 17:33

There a few of available options, the simplest one is to change media field to Object.

Doing so, Gson will create a String if your JSON is like the first case, an array of Maps in the second case. The map will contain two keys, type and path. With an instanceof you can check media field and do whatever your need.

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