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We are using mvc and having trouble in selecting the list of approved orders.

the orders are approved by selecting the checkbox against each order.


Order id Product Is Approved 1 book (depends if the user selects checkbox or not) 2 pen (depends if the user selects checkbox or not)

so currently we are doing something like this: and want to know if there a better way of implementating


our false (as generated by microsoft)

on Post in Controller action method: we loop through the Orders (which is a list of Order object) in response(order id) = true,false: then we select that order or else we dont select

but u see we want to avoid writing that logic in controller.

so any ideas ?

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Recently I answered about similar problem:

ASP.NET MVC Checkbox Group

You could do it like that (it will be propable foreach loop):

<% int i = 0; foreach(Order o in Model.Orders) { %>
<%= Html.CheckBox("orders[" + i + "].Checked") %>
<%= Html.Hidden("orders[" + i "].ID",Order[i].ID) %>
<%= Html.Hidden("orders[" + i + "].Checked",false) %>
<% ++i; } %>

Your post method will be:

public ActionResult Test(OrdersSelection[] orders)
    var selectedOrders = orders.Where(o => o.Checked);
    return View();

and the model will be

public class OrdersSelection
     public bool Checked { get; set; }
     public bool ID { get; set; }
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public virtual ActionResult MyAction(FormCollection fVals)

    var q = from x in fVals.AllKeys
            where fVals[x] != "false"
            select x;
    var ids = q.ToList();

    // take id and call service with filter
    var result = this.myService.FilterResultByID(ids);

    // then return model
    return View(result);

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You could do it in client script by appending/removing the order ids from a single hidden input as the user ticks/unticks. Use an array, push/splice as required and store in hidden field with join.
Then the controller would just have to read one response value to get the list of (comma-separated?) selected order ids.

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