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I capture video from webcam and record it using QMediaRecorder.

Which way existed that I can do 2 below actions?

1) catch every frame comming from camera

2) manipulate that frame

One of usecases is that I wnat to do is, magnifying the video before saving on disk (and also show it when saving) I use QVideoProbe but I’m not lucky. In blow code, “ctrl” is null, so there is no signal from video probe.

bool res = videoProbe->setSource(mediRecorder);
QMediaObject *obj = mediaRecorder->mediaObject();
QMediaService *srv = obj->service();
QMediaControl *ctrl = srv->requestControl<QMediaVideoProbeControl*>();


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Just a thought, Opencv might help you out. It integrates well into QT and can easily catch each frame and preform powerful manipulations. –  Gibby Dec 24 '13 at 2:01
Thanks Gibby. But I think Qt and opencv can not work together when using media recorder of qt. I find out the solution is implementing QAbstractVideoSurface and set as viewfinder i QCamera –  Ebrahim Pasbani Dec 25 '13 at 21:30

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