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I am new to SharpSVN and SVN in general. I am trying to implement a pre-commit hook that when the user commits a certain type of XML file; I am going to need to intercept the file and analyze it to ensure they included certain elements before I allow the file to be committed.

Since it seems that SVN submits two arguments; the repository path and the transaction; I will need to use these two items to intercept the file. Does anyone know what I need to use in SharpSVN to get file information based on these two parameters?

Thanks, Flea#

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You can do this by using the builtin SvnLookClient.

To use this, first of all you need a SvnLookOrigin. SharpSvn contains standard argument parsing that 'knows' what arguments are passed to each type of hook. This gives you access to this SvnLookOrigin:

SvnHookArguments ha; 
if (!SvnHookArguments.ParseHookArguments(args, SvnHookType.PreCommit, false, out ha))
    Console.Error.WriteLine("Invalid arguments");

Getting the changed files and contents of those files based on the parsed arguments

using (SvnLookClient cl = new SvnLookClient())
    Collection<SvnChangedEventArgs> changedItems;
    cl.GetChanged(ha.LookOrigin, out changedItems);

    foreach(var item in changedItems)
        if(!IsXmlFile(item)) continue;

        using(MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream())
            cl.Write(ha.LookOrigin, item.Path, stream);


Edit: Write to Console.Error and Environment.Exit(1) to report errors (exit non-null).

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