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I need to generate QR code and display it on a voucher. And I have a print link. On click of print link I should get a print of qrcode and some other details.

But I read that canvas can't be printed using javascript print.

I need to convert the canvas to image and then display on the voucher page so that it can be printed.

Here goes the code

<div class="qrcode${voucher.voucherId}" style="float:left;" >
          <canvas width="100" height="100"></canvas>                        

                                width: 100,
                                height: 100,
                                text: ""+voucherid+"",
                                size: 100

Please suggest.

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2 Answers 2

Good news...Looks like the QR drawing process doesn't taint the canvas so you can use canvas.toDataURL to get the image data url of your QR.

Create the QR to canvas:

<div id="canvasContainer"></div>

  text: "for my voucher"

Then get the image data url from qrCode's canvas.

For example, this uses the data url to create an image element on the page:

var dataurl=$("canvas")[0].toDataURL();
var img=document.createElement("img");
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This is my code to save the first canvas in a page to png. Tested in Google Chrome.

// Save first canvas object in current document to png.

var canv = document.getElementsByTagName("canvas")[0],
    zz = document.createElement("a");
zz.href = canv.toDataURL();
zz.setAttribute("download", "Canvas_" + (new Date).getTime() + ".png");
var myEvt = document.createEvent("MouseEvents");
myEvt.initEvent("click", !1, !0);
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