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So basically i am using file_get_contents() function to get the contents of a page. I put those contents in the variable $content so i can work with it.<p> On this page the following info is displayed Server (1.7.2) playercount: 400/500

I have to get two pieces of info, the player count on its own (400/500), and the server version (1.7.2). I managed to get the player count with the following code:

$playercount = substr($content, strpos($content, ")") + 1);

that returns ":400/500"

Now here is my problem when i try do the same thing for the server version (1.7.2) I get no return, i presume it is because it doesn't count it as a string:

$version = substr($content, -16, -11);

Can anybody help me?

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Is that info the only text displayed? Or is it something surrounded by plenty of other texts? –  Andy Dec 23 '13 at 18:48
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Use regex match for both informations:

preg_match('/^\w+\s\((\d\.\d\.\d)\)\s\w+:\s(\d+\/\d+)$/', $content, $result);

See fiddle http://ideone.com/4vAgdE

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You can use regular expression as rabudde suggested. Or, you can get the string between Server ( and ) to find the server version.

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I did this

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