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I'm new to Ruby and am trying to figure out the looping syntax.

I have this pseudocode but need to convert it to Ruby

# array
search = ["fallacy", "epitome"]

for (i = 0, i > search.length, i++) {

  # Get back the result for each search element 
  response[i] = Word.get_definition(search[i])


I currently have the following Ruby

# create empty response array
response = []

search.each do |element, index|
    # Get back the result for each search element 
    response(index) = Word.get_definition(element(index))
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if you truely need the index you can use search.index(element) but @limelights solution seems to fit your needs. –  engineersmnky Dec 23 '13 at 20:04

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You can skip indices leading to the most straight forward way below

search = ["fallacy", "epitome"]
search.each do |element|
    response << Word.get_definition(element)

<< is syntactic sugar for push().

Have you read the documentation for Array or done any tutorials? I could suggest RubyMonk for you.

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A more rubyish approach:

response = search.map { |word| Word.get_definition word }
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