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I am having trouble for the matcher to catch the exception. The controller method simply doing a REST call and get the fruit with the id and I want to test when REST give me an error respond which in rails is the JSON::ParserError. I want to test this case, so I stub out the REST call and raise the exception.

I know the fact that the stubbing work since I am getting that exact error. I believe that I just need a matcher to catch the error when calling the get

In Controller  

def show 
  @fruit = FruitsService::Client.get_fruit(params[:id])


describe '#show' do
  before do    
    context 'when a wrong id is given' do 

  it 'receives 404 error code' do 
    get :show, {id: 'wrong_id'}   <------ I think I might need a matcher for this ? 
    expect(FruitsService::Client.get_fruit('wrong_id')).to raise_error(JSON::ParserError)


This giving this

 Failure/Error: get :show, {id: 'wrong_id'}
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When you want to test behavior, such as the raising of errors, you need to pass a block to expect instead of a parameter, as in:

it 'receives 404 error code' do 
  expect { get :show, {id: 'wrong_id'} }.to raise_error(JSON::ParserError)
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