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I am unable to find any documentation on the meaning of the gearadmin command line tool with the '--status' option. What is the meaning of the three numbers found after the worker function name ?

For example, then I run this command:

gearadmin --status

I get the following output:

worker-function-name    114 0   0

I don't know the meaning of the three numbers after the 'worker-function-name'. I don't think it matters but I'm using gearman with the php extension and ubuntu 13.10 server.

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  • Function Name
  • Number in queue
  • Number of jobs running
  • Number of capable workers

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thanks its funny they haven't mention this in their doc – astroanu Aug 6 '14 at 10:14

Since this is the only question related to output of command gearadmin --status, allow me to share a quick tip for pretty printing the output of this command.

gearadmin  --status | sort -n | column -t

This becomes useful when you have a lot of different workers and their relative counts matter. I always have one tab of my terminal where I run the following command to watch queue length and worker count go up and down in realtime. Well, realtime enough.

watch "gearadmin  --status | sort -n | column -t"
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