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in my code, I need to compare two strings to see if they are equal. if they are it needs to preform a function. one of the strings is just a @"someString", the other is part of an object.

if ([[[mine metal] stringValue] isEqualToString:@"Gold"])
 //some function

however there are some complications when I do this. first, it gives me a warning: NSString may not respond to -stringValue. and when I run the Application it quits out at the if statement: the console reports " -[NSCFString stringValue] : unrecognized selector sent to instance." mine.metal is defined through a fast enumeration loop across an array; the metal attribute is defined as an NSString, and NSLog is able to display this string. what else am I missing?

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The compiler warning and the subsequent run-time error both tell you what the problem is.

[mine metal] returns an NSString. NSString doesn't have a method called stringValue.

If [mine metal] does indeed return an NSString then you can do this:

if ([[mine metal] isEqualToString:@"Gold"])
  //some function
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yes that did it. –  kevin Mendoza Jan 15 '10 at 22:33

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