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I found this article about uploading files to Amazon S3 directly from the browser: Direct Browser Uploading – Amazon S3, CORS, FileAPI, XHR2 and Signed PUTs. The server side is implemented with PHP, so I rewrite it in javascript and created a Meteor project based on that article. You can found the project here

This work with small files (100k), but with file sizes over 300k, the upload stop after 4-5 seconds. I doesn't get any error code or something that help me to identify the problem. To discard problems with localhost, I deployed it to, but I get the same result. I also tried with chrome, firefox and safari. On the bucket CORS configuration on AllowedOrigin option, I tried with * and the modulus provided url. I also increased the expire time on server/main.js and the MaxAgeSeconds on the bucket CORS configuration.

What could be the problem?

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look into this extensive article, does it have something to do with the chunk size and enabling multi-part uploads?… – flylib Dec 24 '13 at 20:18

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