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Though this is probably an elementary question, I'm having trouble finding an answer (the search terms aren't helping, since they generate a lot of false hits): what are 'matplotlib' "figure points" and how are they determined?

For example if I have something like

annotate("A note", (x_val, y_val), textcoords='offset points', xytext=(5,-5))

the coordinates of the annotation will be xval+f(5) and yval+f(-5), and I'm trying to figure out what f(.) looks like and what parameters of the figure or axes it depends on.

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A point is just the typographical point or 1/72 of an inch. In terms of pixels, it would be points/72 * display dpi. figure points would refer to an offset in points from the boundary of the figure itself while the offset points you show in the annotate example refers to an offset relative to the x/y coordinate provided.

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