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Using OpenGL ES 1.1.

The picture I am generating is being color-keyed later on down the line. It replaces one color (magenta) with something else.

So I clean the background with that color, draw on top of it, and everything is good.

However, textures with an alpha channel cause some complications. I effectively want to use only maximum or minimum alpha, and show the background OR show the image blended with, say, black.

My mostly-working hack has the texture data manually adjusted force the alpha channel to either min or max, and do pre-multiplication for the actual color value, and this mostly works.

However, when the texture size changes, I get a little bit of filtering and some magenta goes through.

So: 1) Is there some combination of glBlendFunc and glTexEnv combiner functions that will let me stop manually editing the textures?
or, failing that.... 2) What parameters should I use when drawing the texture to keep alpha at either 0 or 1 when it's scaling?

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Use alpha testing instead of blending. Use glAlphaFunc to select a comparision function and reference value. Enable with glEnable(GL_ALPHA_TEST) (and disable once you no longer need it during rendering).

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