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To all Mysql vodoos.

I plan to use the extra method of Queryset to add some comments to see in my MYSQL Logs.

Video.objects.filter(status='online').extra(where=['1=1 /* My comment here */']).count()

And in my Mysql Logs I have:

7 Query SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `videos_manager_video` WHERE (`videos_manager_video`.`status` = 'online'  AND (1=1 /* My comment here */))

As I have to add a 1=1 condition to add my comment, do you think this will impact MYSQL performance ? I plan to use this on several queries and actually I'm about 100 queries/sec.

There is some other solutions like https://github.com/django/django/pull/2060/files or using django db logging system but this one is so easy.

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