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I am trying to get the MapsAndLocationDemo_v3 SimpleMapDemo working in Xamarin Studio. I am getting this error when building:

C:\Users\Simon\Documents\Android\Monodroid samples\monodroid-samples-master\MapsAndLocationDemo_v3\Components\googleplayservices-13.0\lib\android\13\content\google-play-services\libproject\google-play-services_lib\res\drawable\common_signin_btn_icon_dark.xml(0,0): Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at 'drawable' with value '@drawable/common_signin_btn_icon_pressed_dark'). (SimpleMapDemo)

Can I have a description of what this error means, and how to fix it as well (if possible)?


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In the drawable folder in the resource folder (res), you have a file called:


This file references an image with the file name:

common_signin_btn_icon_pressed_dark" (png, probably)

Add an image file with that name to the drawable folder and make sure it is set to be an AndroidResource.

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