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Considering this code :

interface IRepository<T>
    void Save();

class Repository<T>
    public virtual void Save() // something 
    { }

interface IOtherRepository : IRepository<OtherClass>
    void Other();

class OtherRepository : Repository<OtherClass>, IOtherRepository
    public override void Save() // something different
    { }

    public override void Other(){ }

How is it possible to configure Castle Windsor to give me an instance of OtherRepository when I call container.Resolve<IRepository<OtherClass>> ?

If Castle Windsor can't do this, which ioc containers can ?

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var container = new WindsorContainer();
container.Register(Component.For<IRepository<OtherClass>, IOtherRepository>()
var repo = container.Resolve<IRepository<Something>>();
Assert.IsInstanceOfType(typeof(Repository<Something>), repo);
var specificRepo = container.Resolve<IRepository<OtherClass>>();
Assert.IsInstanceOfType(typeof(OtherRepository), specificRepo);
var otherRepo = container.Resolve<IOtherRepository>();
Assert.AreSame(otherRepo, specificRepo);
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I edited my question to add the IOtherRepository I forgot. Works well too. I should have tested this before asking... Thanks –  mathieu Jan 17 '10 at 9:32

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