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In the new 2.0 branch of the NEO4J batch-importer,

To specify a label, I believe one must specify the header, Using the example from the readme.md and wiki:

name    l:label       age works_on
Michael Person,Father 37  neo4j
Selina  Person,Child  14
Rana    Person,Child  6
Selma   Person,Child  4

Does the header always have to follow the following format of being l:label and What does the comma do and is it optional? ie. What does person,Father represent? label,???

I believe in this case Person is the label but I'm curious how can I query (in cypher) the label value in this case either Father or Child.

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Realised the , is to add different labels to the nodes. –  altimit Dec 24 '13 at 6:14
Do you still have a question about querying with Cypher or did figuring out the , solve that? –  jjaderberg Jan 1 at 20:01

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I think if you wanted to explicitly assign the type of some property you would use colon + type for that, i.e.

name:String age:int

and :label is used after the fashion of a data type to signal that the value(s) in a field is a node label or a relationship type. Since labels are not name/value pairs like properties, I would think the l in l:label doesn't really do anything.

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thanks i think so too... –  altimit Jan 2 at 5:00

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