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How can I insert 256 IP based on /24 block. if IP block is & network is so I want to create a loop to insert to in mysql table . there will be a button when i press that it will insert 256 row 0 to 255.. Please help me to do it in php mysql

if (isset ( $_POST ['doSubmit'] ) && $_POST ['doSubmit'] == 'Submit Details') {
  // Filter POST data for harmful code (sanitize)
  foreach ( $_POST as $key => $value ) {
    $data [$key] = filter ( $value );
  $network = $data [network]; // Is network ip
  // Action will go here
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what expected input will be ? –  Mahmood Rehman Dec 24 '13 at 7:34
$data[network] should be $data['network']. –  Sverri M. Olsen Dec 24 '13 at 7:39
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so i want to create a loop to insert to in mysql table

Generate like this...

foreach(range(0,255) as $val)
    //Running a query 255 times here is not a good idea !

//$arr now holds all your IPs , you could push it into your SQL Query..
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