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In the JQuery Mobile documentation for Listviews, I'm looking at the demo called "Linked". In this demo, every time you click an item in the list, a "blue halow" border appears around the item like this:

This feature is essential for situations where you have a long list of small items in a mobile website, and...

  • the user wants go through the items one at a time without loosing track of which item he is currently up to.
  • the user wants to study a particular item on the list and easily refer back to it without having to scan the whole list all over again.

If you browse to aforesaid Listviews page with IE or Firefox, this feature works. But if you browse with safari/chrome/iphone/android, it does not work.

How can I get this feature to work on all browsers?

Additional points:

  • The blue hallow is caused by JQuery Mobile applying its "ui-focus" class to the given item (which includes css box-shadow properties). I confirmed that if "ui-focus" is applied manually to a given item then the blue halow does appear in all browsers. It seems that when this feature doesn't work it's becuase the browser failed to apply ui-focus for some reason.
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