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I need to get diff of 2 files. For example:

File 1:

File 2:

I need line zxc in my code. How to do it with erlang?

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Are the files sorted by lines? –  Marutha Dec 24 '13 at 12:41
this one file, but in time it can change (added lines) –  cnaize Dec 24 '13 at 12:44
You might want to compute the MD5 of each file, if the output is identical, then don't bother finding the difference. –  Chiron Dec 24 '13 at 13:48
but files are different in the main case! –  cnaize Dec 24 '13 at 13:52

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How about this?

1> {ok,Bin}=file:read_file("1.txt").
2> {ok,Bin2}=file:read_file("2.txt").
3> L1=binary:split(Bin, <<"\n">>, [global]).   
4> L2=binary:split(Bin2, <<"\n">>, [global]).
5> L2 -- L1.    

but if you want the other difference in first file you have to do L1 -- L2 as well.

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I will handle the problem this way:



read_all(F) ->
    R = file:read_line(F),
    read_all(F, R, []).
read_all(F, {ok, Data}, A) ->
    R = file:read_line(F), 
    read_all(F, R, A ++ [Data]);
read_all(_, eof, A) ->

main() ->
    {ok, F1} = file:open("file1", [raw, read_ahead]),
    F1Data = read_all(F1),
    {ok, F2} = file:open("file2", [raw, read_ahead]),
    F2Data = read_all(F2),   
    S1 = sets:from_list(F1Data),
    S2 = sets:from_list(F2Data),
    io:format("~p ~p~n", [S1, S2]),
    sets:subtract(S2, S1).

You may need to polish it by presenting the result of the set operation (sets:subtract in this case) in a more human readable format.

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