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I'm converting some Ant builds that I use for iOS and OSX to Gradle. Have created the following:

class XcodeBuildTask extends DefaultTask {

    def build() {

        def moduleName = 'Typhoon' as String

        def commandLine = """
        xcodebuild -workspace ${moduleName}.xcworkspace test -scheme Typhoon-iOS -configuration Debug | xcpretty -c -t junit

        def xcodeBuildOutput = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
        def consoleInput = new ByteArrayInputStream()

        exec {
            executable 'bash'
            standardInput = new ByteArrayInputStream(commandLine.getBytes());
            standardOutput = xcodeBuildOutput


It's supposed create a bash script and pass it to the exec task. However, running it I get the error:

xecution failed for task ':xcodebuild'.

No signature of method: static org.gradle.api.Project.exec() is applicable for argument types: (XcodeBuildTask$_build_closure1) values: [XcodeBuildTask$_build_closure1@7bbe7fb2] Possible solutions: every(), grep(), each(groovy.lang.Closure), grep(java.lang.Object), use([Ljava.lang.Object;), every(groovy.lang.Closure)

This probably so elementary, but what have I done wrong? How do I call the exec task from within my custom class?

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What you are trying to do here is to call the Project#exec method from your task. (It isn't possible to call a task.) Unlike a build script, a class doesn't have an implicit project context. Hence it has to be project.exec rather than exec.

Consider another approach, such as the following:

def build() {

    Process proc = 'bash'.execute();

    def writer = new PrintWriter(new BufferedOutputStream(proc.out));

    proc.consumeProcessOutput(System.out, System.err);


private String xcBashScript() {
    xcodebuild -workspace ${workspace}.xcworkspace test -scheme ${schemeName} -configuration Debug \
    CONFIGURATION_TEMP_DIR='${intermediatesDir}' -destination OS=${sdkVersion},name=iPad | xcpretty \
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Thanks - wasn't sure if this was possible. While waiting for an answer I tried another approach, which I added to the answer. Look ok? –  Jasper Blues Dec 24 '13 at 9:10
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