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I am well aware that related questions have been raised on SO before but I still find them insufficient to solve the following problem -

Need to build a form using django.forms.Form with all field labels right aligned.

what is currently happening is either the labels get center aligned or the choices come below the labels as shown below:

Liked the food?

  • Great
  • Okay
  • Bad

What I want is

 Liked the food:   

                 o Great
                 o Okay
                 o Bad
 Membership ID*:

Most widget customization doesn't seem to affect the field LABEL alignment

Update [after adityasdarma1 answer]

I can always skip the django forms altogether and write everything in HTML but I want to code as less as possible in HTML while achieving the desired alignment.

I expected that django will allow me to set such alignment at global level.

If I could access the description label and the input GUI element and control the format in HTML, even that is fine.

The closest I have come is following. Can anybody suggest me what changes in the code below are needed to right aligned labels.

{% for field in form %}
    <label for="{{ field.label }}">{{ field.label_tag }}
    {% if field.field.required %}<span class="special_class">*</span>{% endif %}</label>

    {{ field }}
{% endfor %}
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Quickest way to fix one form's layout is indeed manual html, but if you'd like a more systematic approach to customize all your forms, you should definitively have a look at crispy forms – vincent Dec 24 '13 at 18:33

You must render the form manually and give proper classes. Read documentation

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Thanks for the prompt response. I have tried to be clearer to the point I have achieved. Just looking for THE tweak that will enable the above code to get desired effect. – comiventor Dec 24 '13 at 10:58
Change {{ field.label_tag }} to {{ field.label }} and in for attribute, change it to {{ field.auto_id }} – adityasdarma1 Dec 24 '13 at 22:00
Updated link as for Django docs:… – Adam Davis Jun 8 at 4:03
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Using tr and td did the trick (code snippet shared below)

<table >
    {% for field in form %}
        <label for="{{ field.label }}" style="display:inline-block;vertical-align:middle">{{ field.label_tag }}</label>
        {{ field }}
    {% endfor %}
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Django offers a few options for customizing your form layout. Check out the official Django documentation on rendering forms manually and using form templates

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