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I am using osmdroid version 4 and I want to have BoundingBox of visible map. It seems that MapView.getBoundingBox method returns bounding box of all tiles that are visible or partially visible. Take a look at this picture:

enter image description here

Black rectangles are tiles, red rectangle with rounded corners is device display.

I want to have only diagonal area shown by green line. What should I do?

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I believe you are mistaken. getBoundingBox() returns the lat/long boundaries of what is visible on the screen. The code will take the pixel x,y value of the two corners and covert that into lat/long and that is what is used. It is not "snapped" to actual map tiles. The result of getBoundingBox() should return the area of the red box.

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I put marker at the bottom right of visible map and that is invisible I have to move map to see that marker so I think you are wrong. I will test it again! –  Ali Behzadian Nejad Dec 27 '13 at 18:42
If you are using the ItemizedIconOverlay, make sure you are setting your Hotspot correctly. –  kurtzmarc Dec 27 '13 at 19:53

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