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hi my name is marcel i'm very interesting in learn how to get the id of different component of the computer(MotherBoard, Hard Disk, Prossesor), i work with eclipse galileo 3.5 as a Java Text Editor (www.eclipse.org), can somebody tell me wich one is the plugin for eclipse to work with JACOB or with JCom, my email is marceljch@gmail.com if you can send me the answer to my email will be really helpfull for me, thank's

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There was a plugin in 2004 introduced at IBM alphaworks, but removed since then.

The closest one still active would be OLEJA - OLE for JAva (OLEJA), another Java COM bridge based on OLE automation.

Java COM Class Generator

Otherwise, you need to come up with your own wrapper (based on the JACOB project),
or, like SWT used by eclipse, look at MSA MicroSoft Active Accessibility, since leveraged by IBM with its IAccessible2 project.

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