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I have tried my best but have not been able to wrap my head around the concept of CONOPs. Can someone help with examples?

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Whenever I've had to produce a CONOPS, I've always tackled it from the point of view of writing a concise, non-technical overview of what the system is trying to achieve and where it sits within existing (or proposed) processes and systems.

  • 'System X' will form part of this overall 'big picture' process.

  • It will provide functionality 'x,y,z' and take data from 'a' and provide data to 'b'.

  • Example use cases: In 'situation 1', the 'user fred' will follow these (existing/proposed) procedures, use these (existing/proposed) systems and System X will perform this part of the overall process. In 'situation 2', ... etc

  • 'System X' will have the following limitations and constraints ...

  • It will sit on this hardware and require this software and this maintenance will be needed.

  • In the event of 'failure 1' this backup/spare/fallback procedure/reduced functionality will be available. In the event of 'failure 2' ... etc

A CONOPS can be seen as a sales pitch to anyone not interested in the issues over cost/ROI or the technical detail - just "what will I get and how can I use it?"

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