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I need to reset a popup form where the values are all filled from session variables: = -> Session.get('activeCustomer').name

Right now I'm doing it manually:
  'click #cancelButton': ->

Meteor.render would be even messier because I would have to pluck the current form/template, create a new one with Meteor.render and then insert it into the DOM.

Is there a way to tell meteor to reset a form or template and pull the values from their sources?

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Side note: don't use Meteor.render. This API will disapear in a few weeks when the new Meteor UI system will be released. – mquandalle Dec 24 '13 at 15:50

In your Handlebars template, i.e. after you do a or collection insert / update, put this jQuery call. It returns the 1st form in the DOM, then calls the DOM reset().


In your HTML:

<form class="form-horizontal add-post-form" role="form">
   // Your form HTML.

Also, see:

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Just have a condition in which the template (or variable) will render, and then change that condition. For example in the HTML have:

    <Template name="customerinfo">
    {{#if somevariable}}

And in the JS, have...

    var somevariable = true;

and these helpers: = function(){
       return Session.get('activeCustomer').name;

    Template.customerinfo.somevariable = function(){
       return somevariable

Since the template will get rendered only when somevariable is true, when you need to re-render the form, execute the function resetForm():

    resetForm = function(){
       somevariable = false;
       somevariable = true;
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it's not in coffeescript, but there's always =) – Larry W. Dec 25 '13 at 23:50
It doesn't work. I tried with somevariable as a plain js variable and also a session variable. – Manuel Dec 26 '13 at 3:09
if you use: || = function(){return Session.get('activeCustomer').name;} ||, what happens when you do || Session.set('activeCustomer', 'aDifferentName') ||? Does that cause a template refresh? Theoretically it should because it creates a reactive context – Larry W. Dec 26 '13 at 5:10

just use = "";

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i think you can add a hide reset button to reset your form.


.hide { display: none; }

handlebars tmpl

<template name="btn-reset-hide">

    <input type="reset" class="btn-reset-hide">


{{> btn-reset-hide}}


resetForm = (tmpl) ->
    if tmpl?
        ($ tmpl.find '.btn-reset-hide').trigger 'click'
        ($ '.btn-reset-hide').trigger 'click'

call resetForm()

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